Bravo Fleet Hosting Service

AioCorp Hosting offers free hosting to all Bravo Fleet sims.

This is available at Bravo Fleet Hosting

We don't ask sims to pay for their services. There is one thing that sims can do. We would like to ask you to put one of the following on your website. We cant force you to do this, however it would be very much appreciated.

Right Click an image and choose 'Save image as

You can also add a link to us in your Nova footer.
To do this, simply go to

YourNovaDirectory> Applications> Views> YourThemeName then open up template_main.php. At the bottom, in the Footer section, before </footer>, and paste in the following: Proudly Hosted by <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>AioCorp Hosting</strong></a>

Again, while we cant force you to do this, it would be good for us if you did, and it would be truly appreciated.

Thank You